Integrity. Responsibility. Hard Work.

That’s the legacy our dad created 50 years ago, and the one we’re honored to continue with Parkcrest Builders.

He loved to be out in the field, working with his hands, and talking with subcontractors. Often seen around the work sites all across the state, he loved a challenge. He especially enjoyed seeing a project through, from start to finish, from raw piece of land to a place where people would be living and doing.

Along the way, he built not just thousands of hotels, homes and other structures, but also wonderful relationships with both developers and contractors; simply by finishing on time, on budget, and staying true to his word.

They are indeed big shoes to fill.

Still we love a challenge as much as dad did. Perhaps because he had the wisdom to put us to work as weekend and summer laborers on those early construction projects, and later encouraged us to finish school so we could earn the responsibility of a project supervisor or leader.

Today, Parkcrest is a leader among builders. We give our customers a quality project on a competitive budget. We have developed a depth to our services unique in the industry.

We don’t just build a project. We build a relationship.

~ Mike and Jay